Ægir beer and food menu

Ægir beer and food menu.  Beer. Food. Beer and food. Beer with food. Beer in food.

Ægir beer is world-class. Our philosophy is Ægir beer in and with the food!

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Ægir beer and food menu

Our philosophy is Ægir beer in and with the food, and the concept has proved a success.

Ægir beer is used in marinades and sauces, with hops, malt and herbs bringing a distinctive extra dimension to the food. Ægir brews flavoursome beers, both light and dark, that compliment everything from fish and game to chocolate.

Ægir BrewPub is steeped in Viking history, as are the menus on offer. We use local ingredients that would have been familiar in Viking times, but with flavours to suit the modern palate. Embark on a voyage of culinary discovery from 1018 to 2018!

Ægir Viking dinner menu includes soup, salads, a variety of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, and the famous Ægir Viking plank – 5 courses local food on plate and 5 different Ægir beers on a plank – one beer matching each dish.

See our menus here:

Ægir Viking Menu Dinner October 1st 2018 – November 15th 2018
Ægir Viking Menu Dinner November 16th – December 30th 2018
New Years Eve Special
Viking Feast in Ægir BrewPub Groups between 10 and 20 persons-
We serve dinner in Ægir BrewPub all year, and menu change according to season.

Some of the courses on the dinner menu in Ægir BrewPub are also offered on the à la carte menu in Flåmstova Restaurant.

Our special composed banquet menus are popular for groups having dinner in all our function rooms. 
3-course beer and food menu Group menu for min. 10 persons.
3-course beer and food menu Christimas Group menu for min. 10 persons.

Please contact us for group reservation.