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Ægir’s range of beers

Ægir Brewery produces a wide range of varieties of beer for sale in Ægir BrewPub, shops, and bars and restaurants around Norway, in both cans and kegs – plus a small selection in bottles. Ægir Brewery also exports beer to other countries in the Nordic region, Russia, the UK and Australia, with several more waiting!

Ægir Brewery opened in 2007 and has been named “Norway’s BrewPub of the year” three years running. Ægir beers took gold, silver and bronze medals at the Australian International Beer Awards in 2015 and 2016, and in May 2016 the brewery’s Heidrun Vikingmjød mead was designated a “Speciality brand” by the Norwegian Brewery and Beverage Association.

Ægir beer comes in cans, and it’s not just the aroma and flavour that score highly; the redesigned cans and labels have also won medals at the International Beer Awards.

Ægir is passionate about always being able to offer many different types of beer and different flavours, with seasonal variations.

View updated list as at July 2017:

Dag Sitrus Pale Ale (4%)
Bøyla Blonde Ale (4,7%)
Rallar Amber Ale (4,7%)
Sumbel Porter (4,7%)
Vetlebror Session IPA (4,7%)
Nagelfare Nut Brown Ale (4,7&)
Witbier (4,7%)
Sommar Red Lager (4,7%)
Skjerdøl Kølsch (4,7%)
Sorachi Saison (4,7%)
Lærdøl Sour Cherry Rye (5,5%)
Bryggve Blonde Ale (6%)
Ægir India Pale Ale (6,5%)
Lindisfarne Scotch Ale (7%)
Mørketid Winter Ale (7,5%)
Bæver Double White IPA (8%)
Ratatosk Double IPA (9%)
Natt Imperial Porter (10%)
Lynchburg Natt (10%)
Tors Hammer Barleywine (13,2%)
Heidrun Vikingmjød (13,2%)

In Norway, Ægir beer can be purchased in both small shops and supermarkets, e.g. Spar, Coop, Kiwi, Rema 1000 and Joker, and higher-strength beer can be bought at Vinmonopolet, the state-run alcohol retailer. Many pubs and restaurants have Ægir beer both on draught and in bottles or cans.

For more information on our range of beers and where they are available, or for feedback of any kind, please contact Ægir Brewery directly by e-mail info@aegirbryggeri.noor by telephone +47 57 00 04 00.

More information about the different types of beer is available [in Norwegian] at Drikkeglede.no!