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The perfect gift!

Purchase a gift voucher for one of our popular packages:

FjordSafari and Ægir Viking plank

Snowshoe hiking and Ægir Viking plank

or on a hotel stay, beer tasting, dinner or lunch.

Gift voucher 

The perfect gift for those who have everything.

On Flåmsbrygga Hotel – the Brewery Hotel, you can choose packages with outdoor activities, dinner and beer tasting in Ægir BrewPub, overnight stay / weekend, buffet or dinner in Flåmstova Restaurant or food and drink in Furukroa Café.

We suggest:

1) FjordSafari and Ægir Viking plank
FjordSafari on the Nærøyfjord. Go ashore in Undredal, enjoy a hot drink and purchase goat cheese in the shop. Enjoy the evening in Ægir BrewPub with Ægir Viking plank – 5-course beer and food meny.

Nok 1195 per person (available September 1st to March 31st 2019)

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c FGS    Ægir Bryggeri

2)Snowshoe hiking and Ægir Viking plank
Join us at a snowshoe hiking trip around Stegastein. Learn the art of walking on snowshoes, admire the view over the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord and round off your day by the fireplace, with cosy atmosphere and Viking plank: a 5-course beer and food menu at Ægir BrewPub.

Nok 1195 per person (available December 27th 2018 – March 31st 2019)

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Fjordsafari trugetur 07   Aegir redigert

3)Ægir Viking plank with beer tasting
Our unique 5-course beer and food menu. You can taste: smoked reindeer, shellfish, fish and shellfish soup, pork shank and dark chocolate ganache cake. The plank is served with 5 different types of Ægir beer.
2 persons: Nok 1090 (to be used in 2018)

Logo-aegir-redigert-Thor-Brodreskift    aegir-bryggeripub-viking-plank-02-thor-brodreskift

4)Gift voucher  – optional amount
You choose the amount (minimum Nok 500) for your gift voucher on packages, hotel stay, dinner, beer tasting or other.

Terms of gift voucher:

The gift voucher is valid one year from date of purchase.
The gift voucher must be brought on arrival.
Gift vouchers can not be exchanged for money.
Lost gift voucher will not be replaced.
Pay by creditcard and receive the gift certificate and the receipt by e-mail.
Additional administration fee of Nok 35 for sending by post.

Order your gift voucher here or call 57 63 20 50.