You can easily get to Flåm whatever season:
– On the fjord, accross mountain and through tunnel,
– By train, bus, boat or car.
– On tour, “Norway in a nutshell”, or with your own ittinary.

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Travel distances

Travel in Norway – to and from Flåm, is one of the most popular travel routs in the world, and you can combine a boat trip on the fjord with car/bus or train journey on the Flåm Railway. View map and travelplanner.

See distances between Flåm and cities and destinations in South Norway:

Distance to Flåm from towns in southern Norway

From Distance
Oslo via Rv50 / R 7 335 km
Oslo via E 16 / R 7 354 km
Hønefoss 278 km
Bergen 166 km
Trondheim 490 km
Kristiansand 487 km
Stavanger 348 km
Lillehammer 286 km
Ålesund 303 km


Local distance to Flåm

From Distance
Aurland 9 km
Gudvangen 20 km
Lærdal 41 km
Voss 66 km
Sogndal 72 km
Ulvik 105 km
Geilo via Rv50/Hagafoss 115 km