Furukroa Café menu

Popular café with large terrace by the quay and station.

Stop here for coffee, waffles, ice cream, soup, burgers, lunch or dinner.

Group menu available when booked in advance.

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Furukroa Café menu

Furukroa is a colourful and contemporary café and a popular lunch stop. The menu varies with the season. You can enjoy everything from rissoles with brown sauce and salmon with boiled potatoes to burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, salads and vegetarian dishes. Dedicated ice cream counter – scooped and ice cream, coffee and muffins.

Group menu available – burgers, pizzas, lunch, dinner and outside catering; must be booked in advance.

The café is open all year round, except for the Christmas holiday.

The menu includes gluten-free food – bread, pizza, sauces and cakes.

Here is a selection from the menu 2018

Today’s homemade soup with bread Nok 80

Cheese sandwich Nok 45
Beef patty Nok 75
Salmon sandwich Nok 85

Cakes from Nok 40 to Nok 55
Chocolate cake, apple cake with ice cream and cheese cake.

Norwegian meatballs with potatoes and vegetables Nok 155
Salmon with potatoes, carrots, broccoli and sour cream sauce Nok 185

Hamburger with fries Nok 140
Local venison burger with fries Nok 170

Group menu – burger, pizza, lunch, dinner and catering on request.
The café is open all year, except for holidays for Christmas and New Year.

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