Hiking trip to Brekkefossen

Hiking trip to Brekkefossen waterfall (290 m.a.s.l.) is the most popular hike in Flåm.
You hike on a well marked, good path in steep terrain, and wonderful views awaits you at the waterfall.
1.5 hours round trip.

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Hiking trip to Brekkefossen waterfall

Flåmsdalen valley and the Aurlandsfjord is shaped by meltwater, stone and gravel from glacialstages and millions of years. The Flåmsdalen valley is a typical West Norwegian fjord valley that cuts its way into ancient mountains.

On the hiking trip to Brekkefossen waterfall you will have a grand view of the fjord and into the valley. Start from Flåmsbrygga Hotel or at Flåm station, and across the river on the bridge and walk along the Flåm Camping. Continue straight ahead at road crossing. After 1,5 km, follow the sign for Brekkefossen. Walk trough the gate and follow a red T-marking on the path. Be careful walking close to the edge at the waterfall, due to steep terrain.

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