FjordSafari and hike to Leim goat farm

Experience FjordSafari and a hike to the mountain farm Leim. At lunch you get to taste authentic rustic food – goat cheese, cured meats, svele with sour cream and jam, and everything is produced at the mountain farm.

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Basic FjordSafari and hiking trip to a goat farm   

Start with Basic FjordSafari  and go ashore at Skjerdal warf. The road from the fjord to the mountain farm is about 400 meters above sea level and goes up in bends with great views. On the mountain farm Leim you get a tour of the farm, and lunch with food that is made at the farm – various goat cheese, cured meats, salads, coffee and pancake with sour cream and jam.

Period:         15. June – 31.August 2017
Time:            5,5 hours
Departure: FjordSafari  departure 09.00.  Meet 20 minutes prior to departure.
Price:            Nok 1350 pp for adults and Nok 810 for children

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FjordSafari and hiking trip

or call +47 57 63 20 50.

Prices may change without prior notice.